Bed People

We spend a lot of our lives in bed, and it is here your dreams and fears are played out. The bed is usually your first major buy when you grow up and leave home. Its here you return to each night to renew for the next day.

Our ancestors believed sleep was akin to death with the devil waiting to pounce. Superstitious rituals were carried out, including wolves’ teeth worn around the neck or an iron dagger hung over a baby’s’ cot to prevent the babe being turned into a demon’s baby. 

I have started this series of Bed Fellows and it has fired my imagination. I have looked at how other artists in the past have represented the bed:
Manet -Olympia, 
Vincent van Gogh – The Bed
Rauschenberg -Bed
Rembrandt – The French Bed
Tracy Emin – My Bed
One of my favourites is the The Cholmondeley Ladies by an unknown Artist.