Author: tlewis

Bed People

We spend a lot of our lives in bed, and it is here your dreams and fears are played out. The bed is usually your first major buy when you grow up and leave home. Its here you return to each night to renew for the next day.

Our ancestors believed sleep was akin to death with the devil waiting to pounce. Superstitious rituals were carried out, including wolves’ teeth worn around the neck or an iron dagger hung over a baby’s’ cot to prevent the babe being turned into a demon’s baby. 

I have started this series of Bed Fellows and it has fired my imagination. I have looked at how other artists in the past have represented the bed:
Manet -Olympia, 
Vincent van Gogh – The Bed
Rauschenberg -Bed
Rembrandt – The French Bed
Tracy Emin – My Bed
One of my favourites is the The Cholmondeley Ladies by an unknown Artist.


Old photos can be a great source of inspiration and material for artists and creators, particularly in the realm of art ephemera. Art ephemera refers to objects or materials that are meant to be transitory or temporary, such as tickets, posters, or flyers.
One way that old photos can be used in art ephemera is through collage. Collage involves combining different materials and images to create a new, unified piece of art. Old photos can be cut up and combined with other materials, such as text or found objects, to create a unique collage that evokes a particular time period or theme.
Old photos can also be used as the basis for prints or posters. Artists can take an old photo and reproduce it in a larger size, adding their own artistic touches or embellishments to create a new and unique piece of art. The resulting print or poster can then be used as a form of art ephemera, such as a promotional poster for an event or exhibition.
In addition, old photos can inspire artists to create new works of art that are based on historical or personal narratives. For example, an artist might come across an old family photo and use it as the basis for a painting or sculpture that explores the themes and emotions associated with their family history.
Overall, old photos can be a rich source of inspiration and material for artists working in the realm of art ephemera. By incorporating old photos into their work, artists can create pieces that evoke the past and engage with historical and personal narratives in new and unique ways.

I have always been drawn to old photos, newspapers and found objects. Looking back over my art practice I have a large collection of ephemera. However until recently these remnants have been stored away. It was on Instagram that I discovered the work of Jack Ravi who works with old photos and papers creating original artworks. I took one of his classes and found it opened a new direction and connection with my own enquiry. It is early days on my journey but these are some of my art works.